Friday Fix: kayaking from Kimmeridge, Dorset.

This is the fifteenth edition of my bi-weekly series, Friday Fix, a quick burst of inspiration to spur you (and me) on through our final day in the office. The idea of these photos is to give you a glimpse of some of the most incredible places I've ever found in a format you can digest in your coffee break...

Kimmeridge, Jurassic Coast, Dorset, England
My Dad in his sea kayak.


When we lived in Dorset, Kimmeridge was our favorite beach for cooking sausages, delving into rockpools and finding fossils among the rocks. Part of the 95-mile-long Jurassic Coast, England's first natural World Heritage Site, the layers in these cliffs date back to the dinosaurs. Whether you care about that or not, it's difficult not to be impressed by their grandeur. 



Having parents who met at a canoe club, I was lucky enough to spend a lot of my childhood on the water. With a ramp for boats going right down into the sea, Kimmeridge is a very easy place to launch from and has fantastic paddling in either direction. From sea-level the cliffs towered above us and to the West of Kimmeridge itself we found totally deserted coves to land on. This was just one of them...


Cliffs & kayaks, Kimmeridge, Jurassic Coast, Dorset, England


A sensible note:

  • If you have children, don't let them chip at the base of cliffs. There are occasional landslides, so it's not a good idea to sit right underneath either.
  • There can be strong currents, big waves and changeable conditions on the South Coast of England. Learn some rescue techniques and if you are an inexperienced kayaker or canoeist, don't stray too far from the beach unless you have more capable people in your group. Even experienced paddlers (apart from my Dad who makes his own rules!) usually stick in groups of at least two for longer excursions. 
  • Be aware of the military firing range. You shouldn't go past the red flag when it is flying. 
Kimmeridge beach, Dorset, England
A little more of Kimmeridge itself...
Jurassic Coast, Dorset, England

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