Friday fix: colourful markets of Chaing Mai.

This is the sixteenth edition of my bi-weekly series, Friday Fix, a quick burst of inspiration to spur you (and me) on through our final day in the office. The idea of these photos is to give you a glimpse of some of the most incredible places I've ever found in a format you can digest in your coffee break...

Hand carved soap flowers, Chaing Mai, Thailand

Despite travelling in and out of Thailand about five times now, I've never quite got around to writing about it. The whole country, and Chaing Mai particularly, has become a haven for travel bloggers. What more could I possibly add?!


semi-precious stones, Chaing Mai, Thailand
street food, noodles, pad thai, Chaing Mai, Thailand

This particular edition of Friday Fix is simply a tribute to the crazy, kaleidoscope markets which flood the streets in the evening and threaten to spill out as far as the corners of the walled city on Sundays. Despite the abundance of tourists, this Northern city has retained some of its slower pace of life and you'll find the people selling things to be much less pushy than in Bangkok. 

Though many of the knick-knacks are obviously imported, I was particularly struck by the beauty of the hand carved soap flowers above. Using sharp tools, the artists painstakingly create the delicate petals, later adding colour to add vibrance and depth.


Probably more exciting to many of you, is the abundance of street food. Almost entirely prepared and cooked on the road-side, I just couldn't get enough of the 

Insects to eat, Chaing Mai, Thailand

massive variety of noodles! Stereotypical, but tasty never-the-less, my favourite was extra-wide-noodle pad thai with as many crushed peanuts as I could legitimately get away with.


Although runny curries (and anything with chop-sticks) can be difficult to eat on the move, you'll find plenty of interesting sweets, skewers and other interesting snacks to try as you wander around... :)

Sweets, Chaing Mai, Thailand

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