Friday Fix: Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

This is the thirteenth edition of my bi-weekly series, Friday Fix, a quick burst of inspiration to spur you (and me) on through our final day in the office. The idea of these photos is to give you a glimpse of some of the most incredible places I've ever found in a format you can digest in your coffee break...

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

The island Penang's strategic position attracted the attention British East India Company in the late 1700s and was soon used as a natural harbour for their ships and naval base to counter a growing French presence in the area. George Town itself was named after George III and for some time colonial Penang thrived from trade in pepper, spices, Indian goods, betel nut, tin and rice. Less salubrious, by the start of the next century, was the island's use as a profitable link in the opium trade between India and China. The East India Company sold licences to gambling dens, brothels and drug traders which contributed to over half of Penang's crimes.


Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

This controversial colonial legacy has left Georgetown with a rich multi-cultural heritage, strong Chinese influence and glorious miscellany of architecture. I was stuck by the beautiful buildings, world renowned street art scene and particularly crazy pavements, which add an element of adventure to every casual stroll; mechanics' machinery protrudes onto the road and occasional open drains force you to engage energetically with the accidental obstacle course between you and your intended destination.

Of most excitement for the super budget traveller is undoubtedly the mouth-watering selection of street food. You can find almost anything you fancy, but we couldn't help returning time and time again to this man with his deliciously fatty snacks and impossibly cheap samosas.

I'd travel back half way around the world just for a bag full of those tasty, triangular parcels...

local snacks, street-food, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

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