Friday Fix: Scoor beach, the Isle of Mull, Scotland.


This is the sixth edition of my bi-weekly series, Friday Fix, a quick burst of inspiration to spur you (and me) on through our final day in the office. The idea of these photos is to give you a glimpse of some of the most incredible places I've ever found in a format you can digest in a coffee break...


Scoor beach, Mull, Inner Hebrides, Scotland.


No matter how much I travel, it's hard to find anywhere that rivals the Hebrides for rugged scenery and incredible beaches. Miles along a potholed track, over green, hilly cliff tops and eventually down a steep, rocky descent to sea-level, at Scoor, unless you're beaten by wild goats, the first footprints to mar the perfection are likely to be yours. 


Scoor beach, Mull, Inner Hebrides, Scotland.
Wild goat, Scoor beach, Mull, Inner Hebrides, Scotland.

With a difficult landscape for farming and dwindling population, this part of Mull is primarily used (by people) for keeping hardy, black-faced sheep. The undisturbed coastline, rocky caves and surrounding bracken covered hills create a perfect haven for some of Great Britain's more unusual wildlife. At low tide, climb around the headlands on either side of the beach to find colourful rock-pools and crazy rock formations- if you're quiet you might spot wild goats or an otter. Keep an eye out to sea for the occasional basking shark or dolphin and scour the sky for golden eagles...


Hopefully I'll be back there soon to show you more. Thank-you for reading and have a great weekend! 


Scoor beach, Mull, Inner Hebrides, Scotland.
Deer, Sunset, Scoor beach, Mull, Inner Hebrides, Scotland.

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