Our first Work-Away experience.


We spent the last three weeks living and working on Tobago with a voluntary job we found through the website www.workaway.info.  I don't think Sparkle and her family would be offended if I said that the back of Angel Apartments looked pretty dingy when we arrived...



We were basically given red, blue and yellow, a colour combination described by Sparkle as a 'crazy clown circus', and told to paint it however we liked.



It slowly came together...


There's Dan washing the walls at the bottom.
There's Dan washing the walls at the bottom.


We added some details and planted plants in the border below (hopefully they'll grow big!).



The morning we left it looked like this...


As I've mentioned before, we had a great time staying with the Taylor family. They made us feel at home and our apartment was significantly nicer than anything we could ever afforded if we'd been paying for it, with a view like this and our own kitchen and bathroom. 


Castara suits us well: it's warm and sunny, they love their food, there's snorkeling strait off the beach and the locals love to party! In fact, we loved living there so much that we're hoping to go back in November- Dexter (Sparkle's Dad) offered us a job managing the apartments in the high season, so I'll let you know how that goes in a couple of months time!

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