Malhão - the big fishy beach clean.

glass fishing float
Treasure amongst the trash - a glass fishing float.


After three weeks of storms and surf, I cruelly dragged Dan away from Sagres. We were going to head north. 



Sand dunes at Malhão beach, Portugal


Having lost my notebook and without access to the internet (to check this site) we found ourselves following a frustratingly similar route [to the one we took last year] without quite being able to remember which dead-ends we'd already explored.  If possible, we don't like to intrude near houses and usually try to stay out of most people's sight when we sleep. I'd forgotten the name, Malhão, until I saw the sign.


It was beautifully deserted again.


washing clothes in a campervan - van life
Whenever it is sunny, Burt looks like this.


A long standing obsession, but only getting worse, I'd mentioned the plastic last time - "... a tide-line of debris, anything from fishing pots and bottles to tiny scraps of plastic that shone like jewels until I looked closer."  I don't remember trying to do much about it then.


Microplastic - Atlantic ocean plastic, Portugal beach clean


This time I collected as much as we could stuff into Burt (the van) without mixing it up with our bedding. When we left, the smell of rotting fish (from the barnacles) accompanied us for several hours, until we could find a suitably voluminous and unclaimed bin.


beach clean, plastic Atlantic, Portugal
A tiny, tiny fraction of all the plastic at Malhão.
polystyrene - ocean plastic from the Atlantic, Portugal beach clean
Mostly, I wanted to pick up the giant bits of polystyrene. They break up into little balls and become almost impossible to clear up later.
This guy had to stay put.
This guy had to stay put.


Forgetting about rubbish for a while, I just enjoyed the beach. There was more alive here than around Sagres.


Anemones and sea urchines in a rock pool, Malhão, Atlantic beach, Portugal
Small anemones and sea urchines in a rock pool.


For me, the height of "van-life" paradise is being able to go for a sweaty run and then swim in water like this afterwards, even if it's still a bit cold.


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