Islands from your armchair – Muck

Gallanach Cottage, Isle of Muck
Gallanach Cottage on the north coast with Rùm on the horizon


For my second instalment of 'islands from your armchair', I wanted to show you Muck, the smallest of the four Small Isles, which lie between the larger islands Skye and Mull in the Inner Hebrides. My Mum, Dad and two of their dogs came to meet us there in May last year, while I was researching for my Bradt guide.


Again, I don't have a lot of words to share, but plenty of photos.


Gallanach Beach Muck
Gallanach Beach on the north coast with Rùm in the distance
seals, Isle of Muck
Seals on the north coast of Muck.
Isle of Muck sheep farm
Looking north across the fields towards Rùm
Gallanach Beach, Isle of Muck
Gallanach Beach with Eigg (on the right) and Rùm (on the left) in the distance
hills Isle of Muck
Mist gathered around the hills in the northwest of Muck
Camas Mòr, Isle of Muck
My Dad and Dan walking down to Camas Mòr from Beinn Airein (Muck's highest hill)
Camas Mòr, Isle of Muck
My Dad and Dan perch on boulders around Camas Mòr (south coast of the island).
fossils, Camas Mòr, Isle of Muck
Fossils in the rocks at Camas Mòr
Camas Mòr, Muck
Camas Mòr cliffs
Port Mòr, Isle of Muck
Muck's 'capital' Port Mòr with Eigg in the distance
archaeology Isle of Muck
Caisteal An Duin Bhain - the ruins of a fort
Horse Island, Muck
Horse Island - a tidal island off the north coast of Muck. Rùm behind.


One day we decided to walk across to the tidal Horse Island just off the northwest coast of Muck. It's a little tricky and generally best to ask local advice first unless you're planning to stay the night...


tidal Horse Island, Muck
Dan and my dad crossing over to Horse Island before low tide.
Seabirds, Isle of Muck
Seabird colonies nest on Horse Island
fulmar, Isle of Muck
A swooping fulmar
Horse Island, Muck
Seabird nesting cliffs on the northwest of Horse Island


The last edition of 'islands from your armchair' was all about Raasay.




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