El Jardin eco-campsite and accommodation, Samaipata, Bolivia.

pond, El Jardin campsite and accomodation, Samaipata, Bolivia

Having spent a week or so hopping from one nasty, [relatively] expensive accommodation to another, we were heading to Samaipata in the hopes of finding a peaceful campsite. Being enormously ripped off on a long, hot day of buses, I was feeling quite miserable by the time we arrived. It was dark, raining, everything was soggy and I wasn't appreciating being stuck back in our one-man tent. Balancing electronics and valuables on a mountain of shoes, under waterproof coats in our 'porch' to stop the water from destroying them didn't lead to the most restful night's sleep. 


Waking up groggy with sun, I found El Jardin more intriguing than I could have imagined...

Butterfly El Jardin campsite and accomodation, Samaipata, Bolivia
El Jardin campsite and accomodation, Samaipata, Bolivia

Using a combination of techniques, some of which I'd never encountered before, El Jardin showcases the most artistic examples of green building I've ever seen. In keeping with the flower power vibe, sculpted mud decorates the walls, coloured bottles are dotted around to let in extra light and mosaics adorn the whimsical roof domes.

Green building technique, El Jardin campsite and accomodation, Samaipata, Bolivia

Living up to it's name, El Jardin is filled with plants. Flowers scent the air, attracting humming-birds, insects and butterflies which flit around the garden. To the left of the kitchen is a gate to the little river behind from which occasionally bursts a cow or two, reeking havoc in the serenity and threatening to trample through our flimsy canvas. 

Butterfly El Jardin campsite and accomodation, Samaipata, Bolivia
flowers El Jardin campsite and accomodation, Samaipata, Bolivia

Along with the camping area and accommodation, we were happy to find a half open-air kitchen that doubles as a great communal area for socialising in the evening. This building and the fire-place outside are often frequented by musicians, who seem to flock to this campsite and jam together with a mixture of regular and South American instruments. The overall atmosphere is quite addictive and soon our couple of night stay extended to nearly a week.

insect El Jardin campsite and accomodation, Samaipata, Bolivia

Useful information




  • 20bs per person


  • Shared or private- 35bs per person

Private domes for two people

  • 1 with shared bathroom 100bs - with breakfast 130bs
  • 1 with private bathroom 120bs - with breakfast 150bs

Contact details, more information and photos


  • You can reach Samaipata in three hours from Santa Cruz by minibus for 30bs per person. Find the minibuses a couple of blocks from the old bus station (ex-terminal) on Calle Omar Chavez. 
  • I didn't but you can also travel by bus from Sucre. It's a long journey and occasionally the road is blocked in bad weather.


*10bs is roughly £1

Butterflies, El Jardin campsite and accomodation, Samaipata, Bolivia

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Comments: 10
  • #1

    Charlie Marchant (Thursday, 05 March 2015 18:30)

    Wow, it looks super gorgeous! I love your cover photo - that plant looks like a bowl, it's incredible.

  • #2

    featherytravels (Thursday, 05 March 2015 18:36)

    Thanks Charlie! I had like 20 versions of those dragonfly photos- such a photogenic setting!

  • #3

    Becky (Friday, 06 March 2015 09:09)

    I love the pictures - the butterflies and flowers are beautiful. :)

  • #4

    Agness Walewinder (Saturday, 07 March 2015 21:27)

    I had no idea that Bolivia was so beautiful! Nature, nature, nature! All over!

  • #5

    featherytravels (Saturday, 07 March 2015 21:52)

    Thanks for the kind comments Becky and Agness. Bolivia was all about the wildlife for me. :)

  • #6

    Nathan Anderson (Sunday, 15 March 2015 18:34)

    Wow, those are some beautiful pictures of the flowers and insects! I like that one of the dog as well, was it friendly?

    I love mornings like the one you described--when you're worn out and down after a rough day and you wake up to find that the place you're staying is amazing. What a great place!

  • #7

    featherytravels (Sunday, 15 March 2015)

    Thanks Nathan, yeah he was pretty friendly, but huge! Biggest dog I saw in South America.

  • #8

    Franca (Monday, 16 March 2015 14:38)

    Wow! That is super cheap, even getting a room is still incredibly cheap. It's a lovely place too. I really need to visit that part of the world at some point :)

  • #9

    featherytravels (Monday, 16 March 2015 15:37)

    I hope you make it there Franca- Bolivia is super cheap!

  • #10

    Agness (Friday, 24 April 2015 09:10)

    This place is so so green and peaceful. One day there and I would no longer be a stressed woman!

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